Monday, January 9, 2012

Royal Mile Update

***Wednesday update:  As of last night, it looks like the sign about repairs has been removed and there was no sign of activity inside the restaurant.  One other thing...While I'm happy to provide a venue on this blog for people to post their thoughts and feelings about the Royal Mile, I don't want the comments to degrade into personal insults against the owner.  I've been on the verge of deleting a comment or two that I think cross the line, so let's tone down the personal insults a little bit.  Keep it classy, Wheaton!

***Tuesday update:  A short article on Patch notes that an email from the owner says that they are in a "restructuring phase".  Other than quoting another local resident who was also told of their closing on Sunday, there are no new updates.  An anonymous commenter to my earlier post alleges serious payroll/money problems at the restaurant and appears to place the blame squarely on the owner.  I'd be happy to talk with any employees who want to tell their side of things.  As other commenters have noted, there are probably a number of people willing and able to help keep the place open, but if the place has been consistently losing money for a long period of time, there may not be much any of us can do other than support the restaurant as patrons if it does reopen.

A sign posted in the window of Royal Mile says that is closed today and tomorrow for repairs.  Hopefully this means that the owner is trying to work out whatever issues are going on.  Still, things sounded pretty final last night when I was there, so we'll have to wait and see if they reopen on Wednesday.  Fingers crossed!


  1. First Barnaby's, and now the Mile? so sad. So now only Stained Glass Pub and Savanahs are what remains bar wise. Jonathan's in Norbeck is decent..used to be owned by Barnaby's.

  2. It's dead, folks. It isn't coming back.

  3. It feels like a death in the family. I spoke to a few of the staff, they were pretty sure it was closing. The locks were even changed. I nearly broke into tears, I had finally found a pub where it felt like an episode of Cheers. Mike Moore usually hangs out at the Limerick, last few days he's been a no show. One regular of the Mile expressed optimism, saying, "Oh, they only ran out of food, they'll open tomorrow." I went by the Mile on my way home from work, looks like the sign was updated to say closed Tuesday and Wednesday.