Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reviews of some old favorites

After too long of a hiatus from blogging, I was inspired by Good Eatin's recent post to do my own updated reviews of some favorite restaurants here in Wheaton that I have visited recently...

New Kam Fong
Just went there for dinner tonite.  Went in planning to get something 'light', but ended up getting two dishes that added up to a delicious shellfish feast - we ordered a daily special of razor clams in black bean sauce and also got the twin lobsters with ground pork.  It has been a long time since we've been to NKF, but throughout our meal, we kept asking ourselves why the hell we stayed away for so long!  The food was delicious (especially the lobster), service was great, and they suprised us with a yummy pastry dessert at the end of our meal.  Here are some pictures:
Razor Clams

Twin lobsters (with discarded clamshells in the foreground)

Nava Thai
We went there for dinner on a Thursday and were suprisingly impressed by the musician they had playing - named "Chai T".  He was playing excellent covers of pink floyd, eagles, etc., throughout our meal.  I tried the stir fried eggplant for the first time and was happy with all the ginger and basil in it.  Mr. WC ordered his usual floating market noodle soup (which he claims is one of the hottest dishes he has ever had...in a good way).  Unfortunately, the soup completely lacked any heat at all and was fairly bland.  Hopefully the cook was just having an off night, because that's one of the dishes that normally gets rave reviews for Nava.

Rock Creek Company
I had off work last Friday and stopped in to get takeout for lunch.  I REALLY wish they kept this place open for lunch on the weekends - no one else in Wheaton offers the sort of light, gourmet, french-inspired salads and sandwiches that they have.  When I stopped in, they had an asparagus and mushroom quiche on a bed of greens as their lunch special, which I immediatley jumped on and ordered.  It wasn't exactly "light" with all the egg and cheesy goodness going on, but it was tasty.  They also suckered me into buying one of the homemade blueberry muffins they also had in their display case - it was light and crumbly (almost like a scone) and dusted with granulated sugar.  Yum!  If you're ever around for lunch on a weekday, I highly suggest you check them out. They offer a nice break from the often heavy food options here in Wheaton.

Royal Mile
They still have what I think is THE BEST burger, and nothing says the weekend to me like relaxing there with my burger and beer on a Friday night.  Mr. WC consistently orders the fish and chips and is always happy with that too.  I'm a little concerned about RM getting enough business with Limerick Pub open across the street, so keep giving them a little love, people!

Moby Dick
Even though their dining room isn't anything special, I still always feel like I've walked into a little oasis when I eat there.  The rice paper over the windows and the mellow music playing do a good job at making you forget the urban jungle right outside the front door.  We went here on Labor Day and they were still offering their lunch specials, so I ordered their bento box B.  It comes with miso soup, a salad (yes, Good Eatin, I love that peanut dressing too!), shrimp and veggie tempura with dipping sauce, rice, edamame, and a california roll.  All for $10!  On top of that, the family that owns the restaurant is always very nice and friendly.

In my quest to eat healther (not that you could tell from the list of restaurants above!), it's been a while since I visited Marchone's.  Still, when we stopped in the other day to pick up supplies for dinner (pasta sauce, olive oil and some of their awesome spicy sausage), Mr. Leo still greeted us like old friends.  I always leave there with a smile on my face thanks to him.