Thursday, January 19, 2012

Island Hut, I hardly knew you...

Well, as Good Eatin in Wheaton hinted in a post last week, it appears that Gloria's Island Hut has indeed closed, but with hopes of reopening at some point in the future.  It's unfortunate timing after being mentioned (along with Ren's Ramen) as one of the Post's food critic Tom Sietsema's "Tom's Cheap Eats". 

Mr. WC has continued his intrepid reporting by getting in touch with Island Hut owner Gloria via email, and she provided this response:

"We apologize for the delay in notifying our customers. A message was supposed to be placed on our website. We had many issues with Greenhill Realty and had no choice but to close our doors.

We are considering reopening at a later date.

Thank you,

It's interesting that their landlord is Greenhill Realty, whose owner was recently featured in a Just Up the Pike post about their attempts to develop property in Wheaton.  Based on stories I've read/heard from some of Greenhill's former tenants, they are fairly unforgiving if a business falls on hard times and gets behind in payments.  This is certainly their right as a landlord, but I have to wonder about this strategy when many of their properties in Wheaton sit vacant.


  1. Oh no! That is terrible. I never even got the chance to try it. I hope that they are able to reopen at some point.

  2. I was only there once, but Mr. WC had been there several times. We both really enjoyed the food, but the place was always empty whenever we were there. With all the good press they've been getting from Tom Sietsema, I really hope they can find another home to reopen in.

  3. I will never forgive Greenhill for not working with Eddie and Dejabel Cafe. I still miss that place!

  4. Greenhill is horrible. I am a tenant in another shopping center in Wheaton which is pretty much full because the landlord works with us. There are greenhill signs all over the place on empty locals in wheaton for a reason.

  5. Green hill realty is awful. I don't know a single tenant who is OK with them. But they figure they can corner the market and turn a profit once the development is done.

  6. I'm a tenant with Greenhill,as soom as my lease is over I will move out, I don't care if they lower the rent, they are the worst of the worst, please people do not do business with this kind of nasty human been if he is human? they lie and they do not have any MORAL or good business etics.