Thursday, August 19, 2010

Primary Elections - Cliff Notes Version

I've become much more interested in local politics since I've moved to Wheaton because I've been able to see firsthand the impact that the local government has on our changing neighborhood.  Are you happy about the incentives Costco is getting to open a store here?  Want to see more development encouraged around the metro?  Or maybe you like Wheaton the way it is and don't want your tax dollars going to change things.  Whatever your opinion about Wheaton's much discussed redevelopment, as long as you have an opinion, you should care about who is elected into our local county government.

Since our area leans heavily toward Democratic candidates, the primary elections here are just as important as the general elections on November 4th.  I found that the info out there about the primaries can be a little jumbled, so here's the information that all of you Wheatonites out there should care about, along with links where I think they're helpful:

Date of primary:  Tuesday, September 14th, 7am-8pm

Early voting information:  Click here.

Absentee ballott information:  Click here. (PDF)

Polling location for Wheaton:  Use this link to find it based on your address.

County positions that you should care about, and who's running (this link lists all county candidates):
County Executive:  Ike Leggett is running unopposed for the Democrats.  Douglas Rosenfeld and Daniel Vovak are the two Republican candidates.

District 5 Council Member:  Valerie Ervin is running unopposed for the Democrats.  Joseph Russek is running unopposed for the Republicans.

At-Large Council Member:  Having some at-large council members looking out for Wheaton will be critical for our neighborhood to get more attention from the county council in the future.  After all, we only have a single council member representing our district, and there are 8 other people on the council (4 at-large members).  While I have some favorites for who I'd like the at-large members to be, I'm going to avoid giving any endorsements since I admit that I'm not an authority on county politics.  I encourage all of you to look into the positions of these candidates for yourself and head out to vote in the primaries.

Here are the Democratic candidates:
Jane de Winter
Marc Elrich
Fred Evans
Nancy Floreen
George Leventhal
Raj Narayanan
Hans Riemer
Duchy Trachtenberg
Becky Wagner

And here are the Republican candidates:
Robert Dyer
Mark Fennel
Brandon Rippeon
Robin Nixon Uncapher

And one Green party candidate:
George Gluck

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Wheaton. I love you.

Well, it's been just over a year now since I've moved to here, and I've got say, Wheaton, I think I'm falling in love with you.  When we first met, I found myself comparing you to your flashier younger sister, downtown Silver Spring.  But now that I've gotten to know you, I think you're really special.  I mean, good looks aren't everything, right?  And what you don't have in looks, you make up for in personality.  I never knew how delicious Thai food could be before you.  And I never realized how convenient it could be to have three paint stores all within walking distance from my house (Ben Moore, Duron, McCormick).  Before I got to know you better, I had no idea that just beyond your slightly run-down strip malls lie a beautiful park and gardens.  If it wasn't for you, I never would get to experience the western hemisphere's longest escalator every single day, whether it's running or not.  I've really enjoyed our first year together, Wheaton, and I'm looking forward to many more to come.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Party

I headed over to Jackie's Side Bar in Silver Spring last night for a farewell happy hour for Dan Reed, the creative genius behind just up the pike.  It was great to meet Dan in person after reading his blog for years now.  I also spent some time chatting with local photographer Chip Py, and Casey, a local Silver Spring resident.  As a relative newcomer to the Silver Spring area (going on six years now), I was really impressed by everyone's knowledge of and involvement in local politics.  I definitely learned more about Ike Leggett's political past than I've ever wanted to know (and I'll just leave it at that).  This was the first time I've met with local bloggers, and everyone was very welcoming.  I definitely hope to stay in touch with this group who is so enthusiastic about our area and where it's headed in the future.  Thanks, guys!