Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wheaton Safeway Preview Party!

Like a zombie rising from the grave, I am resurrecting my long-dormant blog.  What better inspiration to start blogging again than the preview party I just attended at the brand-new Wheaton Safeway!  I live within a few minutes' walk of the store, so I've been anxiously watching the construction progress and waiting for the store to open.  I was happy to get a surprise email invite to the preview party at the store tonite (probably because I'm involved in a county committee).  It was a pretty sweet party, especially considering it was held in a grocery store - complimentary drinks and appetizers spread out around the store, live music (a steel drum band?!), and....(drumroll please) samples of whatever you wanted from their prepared food sections!

As you can see from the photos below, the store is beautiful!  They also were giving away a free bag of groceries to everyone as they left; the last photo below is the swag we got in our bag.  (Apologies for the blurry photos thanks to my iphone camera!)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wheaton Redevelopment Update

Some very long hours at work have kept me from posting about this sooner, but input to the county council from residents regarding Wheaton redevelopment is still needed this week.  The council and the county executive office are in the process of hammering out a compromise for what the $55 million in Wheaton redevelopment can be spent oc.  For those of you in favor of the platform over the metro, you should email the council to tell them that they should include the bus bay platform in the list of projects that the $55m can be used to fund.  It's sounding like the negotiations are moving towards listing a number possible projects the $55m could be used for - i.e. the parks and planning office building, town square, etc.  At the last WRAC meeting, a DGS representative basically said that B.F. Saul will most likely walk away from their project if the platform funding doesn't happen.

Getting the platform added to that list for the $55m is an important first step in making the construction of the platform a reality.  Once (and IF) that happens, there will still be a struggle down the line to make sure the money actually goes to the platform and doesn't get diverted to one of the other potential projects that will be listed (everyone seems to acknowledge that the $55m won't be enough to do everything that will be listed).  So, please, email the council again to let them know you want the platform to be included in the funding that they're voting on April 10th.

According to a Patch article, all comments should be submitted by end of day this Wednesday.  Here's the link with contact info for council members.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pollo Sabroso Review

On a recent Sunday, Mr. WC and I attempted to stop by Moby Dick for lunch but found that they are closed on Sundays (darn!).  We decided to venture across the street to Pollo Sabroso, which located on Grandview right along parking lot 13.  I've had Pollo Sabroso's food at the Taste of Wheaton before but this was our first time dining there.  We walked in, and there was a mix of patrons - guys sitting at the bar drinking beer and some families seated at the tables.  It wasn't the hole-in-the-wall that I was expecting - the inside was fairly bright and clean.

We were served by a waitress who was also doubling as the bartender, but she stopped by to give us menus shortly after we grabbed a table.  Since "pollo" is in the name of the place, I decided to order a 1/4 chicken with two sides for a whopping $4.99.  I selected fried yucca and plantains for my two sides, but they also had rice & beans, salad, and a few other options to choose from.  I ended up with a thigh, which is what I prefer anyways (they don't let you choose white or dark here).  The meat was juicy and tender, but the flavor was very different from other peruvian chicken places around here.  Actually, I'm thinking it might be more Salvadorean or something because the spices were totally different.  Instead of a strong garlicky-herby flavor, this chicken has a sweet pepper flavor to it that I'm pretty sure came from heavy use of paprika on the skin.  I liked it, but it was a very different flavor from El Pollo Rico, for example.  The fried yucca was pretty good - it could have been a little crispier but at least it wasn't overfried  to the point of being twig-like like some yucca that I've had.  The plantains were great - sweet and almost creamy when you bit into them.

Mr. WC attempted to order some of their fried chicken (he remembered liking it at Taste of Wheaton), but was informed that they weren't serving it that day.  Instead he ordered yucca con chicharron, yucca with fried pork.  Again, the yucca was pretty good and chunks of pork also had a good taste to them.  The pork was either slightly overcooked or maybe it was just a leaner cut of meat, because it was a little chewier and drier than versions of this dish that I've had at other places (Los Chorros review to arrive in the near future!).  It did come with a good cole slaw on top of it, which added a nice fresh flavor to an otherwise deep-fried dish.

Overall, we were happy with our food and even happier with our check.  Including a soda for each of us plus a 20%  tip, the total came out to $20.  Not bad.  My biggest issue was that it took a looooong time for our food to come out.  The restaurant didn't seem that busy and both of our meals basically just had to be thrown in a deep fryer (or hacked off of a pre-roasted chicken) but it took at least 20 minutes for our food to come out.  Still, it was a good value for the money and we were both pretty happy with what we orderd.
1/4 chicken in front, yucca con chicharron in the back

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Los Chorros Review

My long run of Asian food craving (which seems like it started nearly 3 years ago when we moved to Wheaton) is finally subsiding and now some of my attentio has turned to Mexican-Salvadorean options here.  That's not to say that I won't still be hitting up Ren's, Ruan, Nava, and my other favorites on a regular basis, but I'm starting to get more ethnic diveristy in my dining selections.  And isn't that what Wheaton's all about?

For a few weeks in a row, my craving for Hispanic food has taken us to Los Chorros (detailed menu on website!), located on Blueridge Avenue just off University.  I keep coming back because Los Chorros seems to have that magic trifecta of good food, friendly service, and a nice atmosphere.  The restaurant itself is painted in cheerful pastel colors and is very clean.  It was also larger than I was expecting; this is definitely the place if you have a big group and are worried about getting a table at some of the smaller places in Wheaton.  The various waiters we've had have spoken great English and even remembered us when we came in two weeks in a row.

We've tried a number of their meals and have been happy with just about everything.  Here's a quick rundown...first of all, I'm a fan of strawberry daiquiris, and I really like the version Los Chorros makes.  We've also  tried out a few different appetizers.  The cheese and pork pupusas we tried were both good, but maybe just a little drier and less gooey than some we've had elsewhere.  The yuca con chicharron featured crispy, fatty (in a good way) pieces of pork on top of perfectly fried yuca.  It's definitely the best version of this dish that I've had, but it was so big that it filled us up even before our entrees arrived.

We've tried a few different enchilada dishes (crab & shrimp and a combo with beef/chicken/cheese), and were happy with all of them.  Also, the refried beans that come with most of their dishes were pretty amazing.  I can't tell what they do differently with this side dish, but they have a ton of flavor.  Two meat combination platters, the especial intipuca and especial dona reina, both include a grilled piece of sausage that has lots of seasoning and is nicely charred on their grill.  I also tried the combinacion guanaca, which is a vegetarian combo dish with refried beans and rice, sliced avocado, fried egg, peppers and onions and sour cream.  The sour cream was different from the kind you would buy in the grocery store; I believe it's salvadorean crema, and it was more runny and mild tasting that what I'm used to.  It added a nice creaminess to everything in the dish, and the whole entree ended up being a pretty hearty vegetarian meal.  I also tried a taco combo that had chicken, steak, and beef tongue.  Yeah, that right, beef tongue.  It was actually really good with a steak-like consistency but more flavor.

We've always been too full to try any of their desserts, but their menu has some pretty interesting options if you can save room for them.  Overall, I highly recommend Los Chorros.  It feels a little "safer" than some of the more adventurous off-the-beaten-track food options in Wheaton, but I think it's a great option for consistently good food and friendly service.
Left side is especial dona reina (sausage and a steak topped with fried eggs), right side is the taco combo

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Limerick Review

A week before the Royal Mile's reopening, Mr. WC and I decided to pay a visit to Limerick, since we hadn't be there since our original visit on their second night in business.  I plan on returning to my usual habit of going to the RM whenever I'm in the mood for beer and pub food, but we took advantage of the down time before the Royal Mile's reopening to give Limerick a try.

The first thing I noticed was that I had trouble finding any beers (draft or bottles) that appealed to me.  I have a preference for porters and stouts and enjoy trying out beers from local breweries where possible.  Limerick's beer list is heavy on ales and lagers without much of anything in the way of dark beers other than Guinness (of course) and a Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, which I ended up ordering a bottle of.  Otherwise, it was mostly main stream breweries, some of which I consider too crappy to be worthy of a spot on the beer list of an Irish pub (Bud Light??  PBR??  Miller High Life??).  So right off the bat, I was a little disappointed in the beer list.

For food, they had a good selection of all the usual pub favorites, with some vegetarian options thrown in.  Sandwiches ranged from $7.50-$9.50 and entrees ranged in price from $13.50-$20.  I ordered one of their specials, a lamb burger for $13.  Mr. WC ordered the bangers and mash.  I enjoyed my burger, which came on a toasted bun and was served with a tropical chutney and fries.  The fries were better than the mushy ones we were served on our first visit there, so overall I give my meal a thumbs up.  Mr. WC was so-so with the bangers and mash that he ordered.  First of all, the portions seemed pretty skimpy for the $15.50 price tag.  The bangers were good, but didn't have a ton of flavor.  The mashed potatoes were really bland - we didn't pick up any taste of butter, salt, anything.  They were kind of just tasteless white fluff.  The dish also came with a few breaded fried mushrooms.

Where the Royal Mile's service tends to be, um, "leisurely", we experienced the exact opposite at Limerick.  We had two beers, salads, and two entrees, and were done with everything in about 45 minutes.  So, we spent less than an hour there and spent about $55 with tip.

The place was packed when we were there early on a Friday (around 6pm) and a fiddler was playing some songs, so it was a lively atmosphere.  They also had the lighting dimmed down a little bit from the first time we visited, so it was a little more dim and comfortable than I remembered it being.

As you can tell, my visit to Limerick hasn't made me a convert.  Honestly, even if the reincarnated Royal Mile doesn't live up to expectations, I probably still won't ever be a Limerick regular.  Still, if we were with a larger group of people that wanted to just hang out and have some beers, I'd probably head to Limerick for their roomier bar area (although it was packed to the gills while we were there).
Lamb burger in front, bangers and mash in back

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Royal Mile is Back!

I left work a little early yesterday to make sure I got a table last night at the Royal Mile's reopening.  Mr. WC and I got there around 5:45 and we still got one of the last empty tables.  Other than a new coat of paint and some nice big flat-screen TVs (great idea!), it still feels like the Royal Mile I know and love.  There were some new faces among the waitstaff but still quite a few familiar faces, so it does look like they rehired a number of former employees.  I was happy to see such a great turnout, and I hope it keeps up!
Now, on to the food...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Council Postpones Vote

It appears that the council has indeed decided to postpone its vote on the parking lot 13 schedule, originally scheduled to be voted on this Tuesday.  Here is the email response I received from George Levanthal's office:

Thank you for your messages. We just learned that the Wheaton revitalization discussion has been postponed and will not take place on Tuesday the 20th. Feel free to keep in touch with my office to find out when it will be rescheduled.

Best regards,

George Leventhal

Montgomery County Councilmember