Monday, November 15, 2010

Matamoros? Eh. Matamaybe...

And with that cheesy blog title, I bring you my review of a dinner that me and Mr. WC had at Matamoros the other night.  This was our first visit to the restaurant, and it's been on our list to try for a while.  We ate there on a Tuesday and were the only people in the restaurant for most of our meal.  We shared two pupusas for an appetizer.  While they were a little burned here and there, I thought they were both alright.  The fillings didn't really have enough flavor to them, though, so I mostly ended up tasting the sauce and cabbage we had with them more than the pupusas themselves.

Ordering entrees was a little frustrating since they were out of the first two fish dishes we were interested in trying.  We ended up sharing two dishes - the plato durango, which includes a chicken enchilada, a beef taco (hard shell), and a chicken tamal with rice and beans; and the huachinango en cilantro, which was pan-fried red snapper with cilantro based sauce and grilled zucchini. 

None of the items in the plato durango really stood out for me.  Both chicken dishes were fairly bland, but I thought that the beef taco was decent.  I liked the red snapper slightly better, but still, it just seemed a little bland to me.

While our meal at Matamoros wasn't horrible, it wasn't great either.  I would definitely rank Sergio's ahead of Matamoros in terms of meal quality and for the variety of dishes offered on the menu.  I'm also still a fan of Irene's for the pupusas, but I need to get back over there for a review because it's been a while.

Any readers out there have any other recommendations for Tex-Mex/Salvadoran/etc food in Wheaton?  Perhaps a visit to a certain food truck is in order.


  1. Not exactly Wheaton, but Tres Amigos in Aspen Hill (same shopping center as Lotte Market) has for years been a small, well run and very tasty Tex-Mex-Salvadoran option. The papusas are excellent and the main courses are well done. I would however say that they have the thinnest, most useless salsa I've ever encountered, but that's a minor snag.

  2. Can't believe you havn't tried Los Chorros, been in Wheaton for 0ver 23 years. Best pupusas with out a doubt. It's kind of hidden so that maybe why, 2420 Blueridge Ave Wheaton, MD 20902.