Saturday, March 17, 2012

Royal Mile is Back!

I left work a little early yesterday to make sure I got a table last night at the Royal Mile's reopening.  Mr. WC and I got there around 5:45 and we still got one of the last empty tables.  Other than a new coat of paint and some nice big flat-screen TVs (great idea!), it still feels like the Royal Mile I know and love.  There were some new faces among the waitstaff but still quite a few familiar faces, so it does look like they rehired a number of former employees.  I was happy to see such a great turnout, and I hope it keeps up!
Now, on to the food...

There were some menu changes, which you can check out for yourself in the images below.  The most notable changes we saw were the absense of rarebit and haggis from the appetizer menu, and a slightly scaled back beer menu.  I'll be curious to see whether they build their beer list back up once they're up and running.  I ordered a bottle of Old Engine Oil (love my dark beers) and followed that up with a Flying Dog Double Dog.  The Engine Oil was a Scottish porter, and this was my first time trying it; pretty good!  Mr. WC helpfully noticed once I started drinking the Double Dog that the alcohol content was 11.5%!  Yikes!  It was super hoppy in taste, but held up well against the burger I had.  Mr. WC had a draft of Fat Tire and a bottle of Skullsplitter.  The Skullsplitter was a Scottish ale that got a thumbs up from Mr. WC.

We started our meal with an order of the scotch egg, which we'd never had before, but we liked it.  It consisted of a well-seasoned sausage roll with a hard-boiled egg in the middle.  Then, the whole thing was breaded and deep-fried, then cut into slices.  They served it with a fruity chutney.

For our entrees, we ordered our usual - burger with swiss cheese and mushrooms for me, and fish and chips for Mr. WC.  The burger was as tasty and juicy as ever (yay!) and they even still have the same kind of ranch dressing for the salad that I really liked.  Mr. WC's fish and chips showed a few problems in the kitchen for their first night - a few of the pieces were a little soggy and could have benefitted from more time in the deep fryer.  Still, the fish was fresh tasting and other than one or two soggy pieces, the remaining fish was done just right.  The french fries were good, and pretty much tasted exactly like the ones I remember from before. Again, there were a few that were a little undercooked, but no major issues.

Overall, we had a great experience there and plan making it a regular stop on the weekends.  I didn't get a chance to talk to the owner because he was constantly on the move clearing tables, seating groups, etc., but he seemed to be very friendly and introduced himself to many people. 

Here are photos of the new menu...


  1. I read that the new owner is the same gentleman who owns the Montgomery Royal Theater. We have been there a few times and I have been impressed with their customer service. I wish him and the staff the best of luck. We really need the Royal Mile here in Wheaton! My daughter and I are off to have lunch there:)

  2. So, what did you think Margretb?

  3. Great burger for me and bangers and mash for my daughter. Also good potato soup. Decent-sized crowd at one. Their credit card machine was NOT working though. Hope that was fixed by last night!

  4. my husband and i have been going to the royal mile for as long as i can remember since we've lived in the area, and bringing our daughter for the last 13. we're planning on checking it out this week; i'll let you know our feedback. he'll definitely have an opinion on the beer list. the scotch egg is always what we get as an appetizer, so i'll be interested in how that is, as well as the irish pub salad.

  5. I'm just sad that two of the best options for vegetarians--the rarebit and the three-cheese penne--have both been axed, and there aren't really that many remaining. Some of us herbivores want options besides salads and onion rings.

    That being said, I'm really glad to see the pub is back, and I've gotta say how impressed I am with Mr. Martinus, who's practically saving Wheaton's iconic haunts single-handedly. If Elbe's ever goes on the market, I think I know who'll jump on it first! :)