Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution for WC - Yoga!

Happy new year, Wheaton!  Ohhmmmmmm....After a year-long hiatus, I've decided that starting this year, I'll get back into practicing yoga.  I've signed up for a class at Willow Street Yoga, located both in Silver Spring and Takoma Park (both metro accessible).  I'm a big fan of Willow Street, and I've taken classes there off and on since I moved to Silver Spring in 2005.

For any wanna-be yogis out there, Willow Street is offering free classes all this week at both of their locations.  I went to one free class last night and I'm hitting another today after work.  I also saw that Unity Woods is offering free classes this week.  For you Wheatonites who want to stay local, Wheaton Patch reported that a yoga class is being offered at Arcola elementary on Monday nights.

I'm catching up on some things after being out of town for the holidays, but look for an upcoming post on Costco's application for a special exemption that would allow them build an 8-pump gas station.  Yep, after the public outcry against the zoning text amendment (which ultimately was rejected by the county council), it's time for round 2 on this issue.  Wheaton Patch posted a short blurb on it this morning.  It's a good thing I'm heading back to the yoga studio, because I'm going to need those deep breathing exerecises with this issue!

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