Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Safeway's New Year Resolution - Demolition!

The Gazette has reported that demolition of the existing Safeway building will start in January or February.  Hurray!  The same article also reports the anticipated opening of the new Safeway happening in mid-2012.  For a project of this size, a year and a half for demo and construction seems pretty quick, but if they can stick to that schedule, I'll be thrilled.


  1. Lost in the discussion was the opportunity to document -- not preserve in place and regulate, but document -- the historic Safeway building, one of the few remaining Marina style stores in Montgomery County

  2. That's a fair point and gives me some ideas for a future post, so thank you! As Wheaton starts to move forward with the redevelopment effort, there should absolutely be some effort made to document the current layout and appearance of our neighborhood. Whether you love it or hate it, the existing Wheaton Safeway has been a landmark on Georgia Avenue for a long time.