Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm back, baby!

I apologize for being MIA for the past month and a half.  First, I had to deal with several weeks of 12 hour days at my job (not fun), then I had a 2-week vacation to Seattle and Washington state (very fun).  I'm happy to now be back home and finally have some free time on my hands to work on some posts.

The trip to Washington (the 'other' Washington) was great.  I spent one week hiking and camping in Olympic National Park...
Rialto Beach
Including a few days staying in the Twilight-vampire-crazy town of Forks...
Yes, there a stand selling Twilight-themed firewood
Spent a few days in Mt. Rainier National Park...
Yep, that's Mt. Rainier
Drove up the coast along Chuckanut Drive...
We had an amazing dinner at Chuckanut Manor, which included this great view of the sunset from our table on the deck.
To the interesting town of Bellingham...
We enjoyed an awesome beer sampler and tasty food at this brewery.
Then wrapped up the trip with a few days in Seattle.

The neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle was lots of fun and we enjoyed walking around to enjoy all the public art.  Fremont is well known for its gigantic troll sculpture that is hunched underneath one of their highway overpasses.
Yes, that's a real VW beetle in the trolls hand
The Fremont troll got me brainstorming ideas for a distinctive public art piece for Wheaton that would have a similar impact.  I decided that the field of antennas along University present an excellent opportunity for a cool/weird public art piece that would be a landmark for Wheaton region.  So, I present to you my design concept for this public art piece (using Microsoft Paint on my home computer)...the Wheaton King Kong!
Be back in a few days with some more Wheaton info!


  1. I can't tell you how often I drive down Connecticut from Kensington and LONG for awesome murals on the concrete retaining walls!

  2. Yes, public art is a big deal in Seattle. Another interesting thing I saw in the International District were temporary art installations by local artists in the windows of vacant store fronts. It was a win-win for everyone - the landlord was able to have something interesting in their store front and local artists got some publicity. With the empty storefronts that I've been seeing in Wheaton, it made me think how nice it would be if there was initiative to install art projects in the windows.