Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Wheaton. I love you.

Well, it's been just over a year now since I've moved to here, and I've got say, Wheaton, I think I'm falling in love with you.  When we first met, I found myself comparing you to your flashier younger sister, downtown Silver Spring.  But now that I've gotten to know you, I think you're really special.  I mean, good looks aren't everything, right?  And what you don't have in looks, you make up for in personality.  I never knew how delicious Thai food could be before you.  And I never realized how convenient it could be to have three paint stores all within walking distance from my house (Ben Moore, Duron, McCormick).  Before I got to know you better, I had no idea that just beyond your slightly run-down strip malls lie a beautiful park and gardens.  If it wasn't for you, I never would get to experience the western hemisphere's longest escalator every single day, whether it's running or not.  I've really enjoyed our first year together, Wheaton, and I'm looking forward to many more to come.


  1. I think you have the ages reversed - Wheaton is the "younger sister" - back in the 60s-70s when the PLaza was built, it was blamed for the downfall of downtown Silver Spring. Now SS is the "flashier" one, things go in cycles. Life goes on...

  2. Thanks for the history, WG! I guess I should have referred to downtown Silver Spring as the older sister who's had some recent plastic surgery. :)

  3. Silver Spring is just that-glitter and flash.

    Wheaton has personality, style and ambiance.

    But what it has more than anything else are real people.
    I do not enjoy downtown Silver Spring- there is nothing I need in Silver Spring that I can not find in Wheaton.
    The people in the mall and the mom and pop stores are all friendly and down to earth.

    The variety of restaurants and the easy accessibility to these restaurants makes shopping a lot easier than shopping in Silver Spring.
    Keep the flash and glitter-and leave Wheaton alone.

    Bob Fustero

  4. I still hate that escalator...though as long as i can walk it without stopping it does make me feel good.

    I wouldn't mind some flash and glitter - hoping Wheaton can balance both.