Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Taste of Wheaton

This Sunday is the 15th Annual Taste of WheatonGood Eatin in Wheaton just posted about this, and I thought I'd add my own post for good measure.  I've never gone to this before, but I'm hoping to make it this year.  Tastes of food cost from $1-$5.  When I was in Marchone's last week, the owner mentioned that the will be participating, so that should be good.  The Wheaton Urban District has posted a PDF listing the rest of vendors.  I'll be looking forward to trying food from Ming Tree, El Boqueron, Umberto's, Pollo Sabroso, Los Cobanos, and Global Cafe African Grill, all of which I've never been to before.

Other non-food businesses that I'll be checking out are the Green Wheaton Sustainable Initiatives group, Brookside Garden, and the All Eco Center.  Tables that I will be booing and heckling as I walk by include Westfield Wheaton, Bob Erlich for Maryland, and Verizon (with their screwed up Fios billing that has wasted hours of my life!).

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  1. I Hope you were able to get by our Green Wheaton - Sustainable Initiatives booth at teh Taste of Wheaton (hidden at teh corner of Reedie and the grassy area on teh sidewalk next to teh garden our volunteers and the County Department of Environmental Protection installed.) Feel free to come to one of our monthly meetings open to all - and "green drinks" get togethers - so far at Royal Mile Pub. Email and I'll give you more details.