Friday, April 23, 2010

Helloooo Wheaton!

After living in downtown Silver Spring as a renter for 5 years, I took the plunge into home ownership and moved up Georgia Ave to Wheaton. I'm excited about all that Wheaton has to offer (where else will you find the Hung Phat grocery store!), and I'm also interested in all of the possibilities out there for Wheaton's future. During my time as a SS resident, I became a regular reader of some great blogs coming out of the neighborhood - SilverSpringSingular, ThayerAvenue, SoCoEats, Just Up the Pike, and the Silver Spring Penguin (RIP).

When I moved to Wheaton last summer, I knew of only one blog in Wheaton, which is now defunct (Scenic Wheaton). I started to think about leaping into the world of blogging to help make some contributions to my new neighborhood just like all those great Silver Spring blogs I had been reading. Since then, I've come across a few new blogs (Good Eatin in Wheaton, What's Up Wheaton, and the Talk of Wheaton) and I've decided to add my voice to the growing blog community here in Wheaton.

So, hello to all of you out there! I hope to write about a variety of topics here in Wheaton. I love food, so expect to see lots of restaurant reviews, and I work in the architectural field, so I'll have alot to say about the new development that is planned and/or underway here in Wheaton.


  1. Welcome to the Wheaton blogosphere!!

    I write a mostly-cooking blog in Wheaton but there are also restaurant reviews and a music event calendar. Hope you check out my blog!

  2. Hi Ashley. Thanks for checking out my blog! I've added you to my list of local blogs over on the right side of my website.

  3. Hi -- I just discovered your blog via another Silver Spring blogger. Welcome! I help manage the local blog database for The Washington Post and hope you'll consider submitting your blog:

    Take care,

    Lori Aratani

  4. Lori,
    Thanks for the information. When I have some time this weekend, I'll check out the link.